A small country in SouthEast Asia. Or according to Wikipedia (

Vietnam is located on the eastern Indochina Peninsula between the latitudes and 24°N, and the longitudes 102° and 110°E. It covers a total area of approximately 331,210 km2 (127,881 sq mi),[4] making it almost the size of Germany. The combined length of the country’s land boundaries is 4,639 km (2,883 mi), and its coastline is 3,444 km (2,140 mi) long.[4] At its narrowest point in the central Quảng Bình Province, the country is as little as 50 kilometres (31 mi) across, though it widens to around 600 kilometres (370 mi) in the north. Vietnam’s land is mostly hilly and densely forested, with level land covering no more than 20%. Mountains account for 40% of the country’s land area, and tropical forests cover around 42%..

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  1. Food

2. Tourism

International tourists: During 2/2017, the number of foreign arrivals reached 1.199.421, increased by 19,1 compared to 1/2017.

3. Culture: 

With 4000 years history, Vietnam’s culture is also as various as its historic length