1. Read books:

Reading is not fun, it’s only relax, you don’t feel ‘fun’ while reading, you only feel happy and the amount of dopamine released in your brain increase when you read a good book, which make you feel happier and less stressful.

In my opinion, it’s annoying to think about the knowledge you may gain after reading it, i enjoy reading them naturally and letting the information float into my head normally.

I read alot of science books not beacause i want to know more about science, it’s because i like reading about it.

2. Trying to invent or conduct research with no positive results

It’s treasurable to watch something brand new being invented or started to exist in this life.

Conducting a research need alot of fundamental data, before I conduct a research, i need to learn about it first, in that way i can earn more knowledge easily.

3. Science fiction films with a little romance

Science could probably have been considered as boring when it’s mostly related to algebra or many others abstract concepts but it’s not really what people think when science can explain a huge range of phenomenon happened when people fall in love, this combination turned out to be better and more beautiful: science-romance. Scy-fy and romantic movie work that way in my brain so that’s why they are my fav.