Some street dishes that can be done at home

Bò lá lốt (grilled beef rolled in leaves) Bánh canh  Gỏi cuốn (summer roll) Bánh cuốn(spring roll) Bún bò Huế (Hue beef noodle) Bún riêu  Bún thịt nướng (noodle with grilled pork) Last but not least, it will taste better with sauce. How to do it?? Fish sauce manufacturing: -Ingredients to make sauce: -2 spoons […]

From cheap to luxurious

There are 3 places where you can enjoy Vietnamese dishes: 1. Street: VN street food could be incredibly delicious and economical to some of the local residents, however, its quality can be very controversial. Street food is not highly recommended to anyone whose digestive system is too sensitive. Despite this harmful fact, as a tourist, […]