The people-residents

Their origin

The residents are mostly come from the nation that called “Kinh” and “Hoa”. However, during the previous decades, some people from different nations immigrate and thrive in this city due to its development. So, at the moment, Ho Chi Minh city could also be considered as a multi-cultural city because there are foreigners from all around the world living in Vietnam.




Ho Chi Minh city is a great place to live for anyone who is about to migrate to this area. However, it is getting more crowded and crowded every single second and it is now overloaded. If you are living in District 1,3 or the area where it near the centre, the truth shall be revealed when traffic jam is horrifying, this happens everyday and it is now spreading to District 7 and some places in Nha Be also (a District that is located on the outskirt). Dis 1,3 is drowning in traffic jam at every morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday (or at anytime during the day)



Due to the country’s current economic situation, images related to the topic discussed above will not be presented on this blog, in order to minimize the risk of disappointment among travellers, which may lead to a decrease in the number of tourists.

(I wrote this line (above) just to imply how terrible the traffic is in Vietnam, didn’t mean anything harmful and insulting)



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