Where to go?

Anywhere, yes, that’s what i mean, you can go anywhere. From the very North to the very South of this country but due to the limitation of my knowledge about the North, it would be great for anyone who is travelling to the South of Vietnam.

District 1:

This is the metropolitan area of the city, tourists mostly visit this place during their trip due to it appearance. Most buildings here were built by the French or American during their invasion and thanks to the architects, those buildings are now a tourists attraction since most foreign people enjoy the old, formal presence of those towers.

District 5: 

This is a place which is very popular about food, this is the paradise for anyone who enjoy eating and wandering. These pictures below are District 5 a long time ago, i put them in because i want you to be suprised by how modern, busy and various the food are. In case you want to see the district right now, copy and google the phrase: ‘Phố ăn uống ở quận 5’

Heading to the bottom of Vietnam, we call it Miền Tây.

It cannot be denied that human in Miền Tây is very friendly, compassionate, straight away and enthusiactic as well as the food. Don’t expect too much from it scenery, the surroundings look very simple and basic. Most of it parts are connected to rivers, streams, this is also one of the advantages for the are when they can irrigate, trade and attract tourism. Provinces: Trà Vinh, Cần Thơ, Cà Mau, An Giang, Hậu Giang, Tiền Giang, Kiên Giang,…



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