Traditional clothes through centuries


Áo dài


Figure 1 shows the very first version of ao dai during 2000 BC, through centuries, áo dài is recreated to be more comfortable, moderner and more suitable to their everyday life. Although there are a lot arguments among people due to the modernity of nowadays Áo dài, they are still very popular and come in a various range of colors and patterns (figure 21)


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Everyday wear

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The appearance of these outfits based on their function, the figures show mostly upper classes’ everyday wear. With complex texture and elegant look, a farmer cannot cultivate in this excessive style. However, rich people wear them to make themselves look fashionable and gorgeous. Furthermore, the types of fabric were being used  is very precious because it was all handmade, it must been through  a lot of procedures and it was made by poor craftmans., who didn’t get as much as they wanted afterward.


The younger generation of citizens has been affected by foreign culture as well as the way they dress. But it is still very appreciated that girls in public still have to wear Ao dai on Monday and some special occasions.

All students in public highschool in Vietnam must wear white Ao dai in school on Monday and others special occasions. White represents purity, freshness and a girl’s youth in old traditions and also to keep it formal, equivalent so students will not criticize each other based on the color of Ao dai during school. Youth is something new and can only stay for a few first years of a person lifetime, it’s like a plain paper before  you write something on it as well as the color white. However, sometimes wearing Áo dài can be extremely unconvenient and uncomfortable because it is very tight and secure so forgive some girls for having their lap of dress tighted up or in modern Áo dài, it has been shortened in order to fit the women everyday activities despite the criticisms as well as the compliments of people.


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