From cheap to luxurious

There are 3 places where you can enjoy Vietnamese dishes:

1. Street:

VN street food could be incredibly delicious and economical to some of the local residents, however, its quality can be very controversial. Street food is not highly recommended to anyone whose digestive system is too sensitive. Despite this harmful fact, as a tourist, you should also try this kind of dinning with a reliable resident (tour guide, a friend,..)

2. Cheap and ordinary restaurants:

The food taste could be very similar to street food but the quality is probably higher than that. It’s also very economical even though a few restaurants have started to raise its price due to its reputation.

Some restaurants are very popular and the cooking recipes and formula is passed down to the latest generation.

In conclusion, it’s very suitable for tourist to enjoy a tasty and reliable VNmese dish.


3. Luxurious restaurants and hotels:

Hotels’ restaurants serve various range of food in buffets, which include: traditional dishes, foreign dishes or any kind of dishes that are popular around the world. While fancy VNmese restaurants serve local food in an extremely fancy way. As a result, foreign businessmen/women usually choose these places to dine.




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